Happy New Year! (Almost)

Hey guys! I dunno about you, but over here, we have ten minutes til next year. So, yeah. Happy new year! Isn't it weird that some people could be living in 2019 while the rest of us are in 2018? Time zones, huh? More like TIME TRAVEL! Anyway, bai! Enjoy staying up until midnight! (Unless … Continue reading Happy New Year! (Almost)


This is late, I’m sorry…

Hello, peoples! It's Kat here! Remember that contest where I had you guys guess the perspective of the Poptropolis games? I just realized I need to get this: (Click here) to the winner of said contest (Zippy Sky). Let's just hope she sees this. I'm crossing my fingers. Anyway, on dA, the free download is … Continue reading This is late, I’m sorry…


Well, children. I forgot how much I hated Halloween. Er, I mean my family when it comes to Halloween. First, my dad gets home late for the 8th year in a row, and we only get out at seven. Then he makes us come home at eight, claiming that we've gotten more than enough candy. … Continue reading Meh.