AtD 24, Short Endings

Hey guyz, Kat here, I hope you enjoy this last, very short installment of the AtD. HAPPY  FOURTH OF JULY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *The Con kids are hanging out in Kat’s living room* Carlos: Where is she? Zander: I dunno, why am I supposed to know? Carlos: *monotone* I dunno. I just knew. Will: *playing chess* No! … Continue reading AtD 24, Short Endings


Unmet expectations

Hi guys, Kat here. I've been looking through all the previous posts on this blog, and I find it insane how much I've changed as a person. I'm more upbeat, self confident, and immature than I was when I started posting. I'd just like to thank you guys, because you're truly the best fans I … Continue reading Unmet expectations

AtD 22, Meh.

Hey guys, Kat here! Can't talk, gotta run!   Lucky Wing: To Kat: *bright pink shoelaces appear and land on your head* Kat: AGGH! CLOWN SNAKES!!!! Oh. They’re just shoelaces. Where the heck did these come from???? *looks up* And now there’s a hole in my ceiling. To Liz: Ok, enough about who’s cooler… (it’s … Continue reading AtD 22, Meh.